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Kl. 12:19, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
The Patriot Church movement wants to put Christianity back at the heart of American life...and Donald Trump back in the White House.
Kl. 17:10, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
Laundrie was the sole person of interest in the death of his fiancée, 22-year-old Gabby Petito.
Kl. 17:03, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
Introducing “Breaking the Vote,” a weekly newsletter tracking the assault on voting rights in America, from VICE News.
Kl. 16:50, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
So did his 14-year-old nephew.
Kl. 15:33, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
Lyft has long come under fire for accusations that it has failed to help those who report experiencing harassment and assault through the app.
Kl. 15:18, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
Carmella Means posted a photo of herself kneeling with a fist raised and holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign. Chicago's FOP Lodge 7 suspended her.
Kl. 13:38, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
Some anti-vaxxers have seen their accounts grow by 13,000% since the pandemic began.
Kl. 12:55, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
Though accidents involving guns during film and TV production are rare, they do happen.
Kl. 04:04, d. 22.10.2021 UTC
The director of photography for the movie “Rust” was pronounced dead at the hospital, while its director is being treated for his injuries.
Kl. 19:53, d. 21.10.2021 UTC
Minneapolis ex-cop Mohamed Noor shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond, a 40-year-old Australian American, in 2017.

Kl. 11:37, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
A leading general blames political infighting, as protesters in Khartoum denounce a coup.
Kl. 07:30, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
The UN World Food Programme says half the population now faces acute food insecurity.
Kl. 09:38, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
A Munich court jails a jihadi bride for 10 years for the agonising death of a Yazidi girl in 2015.
Kl. 11:21, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Legal papers shed light on what happened when actor Alec Baldwin fired a gun with tragic results.
Kl. 09:45, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Jennifer Aniston says the show "would not have been the same" without the late James Michael Tyler.
Kl. 09:30, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
The human rights organisation says its staff are under threat from the city's national security law.
Kl. 00:00, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
From acid rain to the ozone hole: Can we learn from the environmental "success stories" of the past?
Kl. 00:53, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
The US basketball legend wore the pair of red and white trainers during his first NBA season in 1984.
Kl. 08:13, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
US officials had placed a $5m (£3.6m) bounty on the head of Otoniel, Colombia's most wanted drug lord.
Kl. 03:31, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Around 30,000 people were expected to take part in the marathon on October 31.

Kl. 12:24, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Jennifer Wenisch found guilty of 'crimes against humanity' over death of enslaved Yazidi girl in Iraq.
Kl. 11:58, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Kashmiri students assaulted and bowler Mohammed Shami faced online abuse after Pakistan's win at T20 World Cup in Dubai.
Kl. 11:43, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
UN weather agency warns the world is 'way off track' on reaching goals for capping rising temperatures.
Kl. 11:32, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
The news of Colin Powell’s passing invoked different thoughts in different people.
Kl. 11:24, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Armed forces detained PM Hamdok following weeks of pro-democracy and pro-military protests.
Kl. 10:59, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Governments, human rights groups demand release of Sudanese civilian political leaders and reject apparent coup.
Kl. 09:46, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
UN says more than half of Afghanistan's 39 million population facing acute food insecurity and 'marching to starvation'.
Kl. 09:38, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Bloody stupid wars and military coups that killed millions continue unabated…
Kl. 09:32, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Oei, the second-largest shareholder in Raffles Education, has had a tumultuous relationship with it since 2017.
Kl. 09:15, d. 25.10.2021 UTC
Sudan's information ministry says military forces have arrested the country's acting PM and government officials.

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