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Kl. 16:25, d. 01.06.2020
Russerne skal den 1. juli stemme om ændringer, der kan gøre det muligt for Putin at blive på posten til 2036.
Kl. 15:32, d. 01.06.2020
En tur til Sverige kan give to ugers karantæne, og medarbejdere kan risikere selv at skulle betale gildet.
Kl. 15:15, d. 01.06.2020
I går havde Reporters Without Borders dokumenteret 68 angreb på journalister under protester i USA.
Kl. 14:56, d. 01.06.2020
Ifølge filmekspert mener mange, at biografernes genkomst efter coronakrisen er dybt afhængig af filmen 'Tenet's succes.
Kl. 14:03, d. 01.06.2020
Antallet af indlagte stiger med fem personer, så der nu er 103 indlagte.
Kl. 13:45, d. 01.06.2020
Danske Spil har ikke tænkt sig at reklamere vildt og voldsomt for at hente tabte indtægter.
Kl. 13:12, d. 01.06.2020
Kunstneren Christo, der blandt andet har pakket Rigsdagen i Berlin ind, er død 84 år gammel.
Kl. 12:02, d. 01.06.2020
Flere politifolk slutter sig til fredelige demonstrationer for at støtte protesterne mod politivold mod sorte.
Kl. 11:25, d. 01.06.2020
Politichefen i Minneapolis ser de øvrige tre betjente ved George Floyds anholdelse som medskyldige i drab.
Kl. 08:45, d. 01.06.2020
Uanede mængder af kloakvand fosser stadig ud i naturen.

Kl. 14:05, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
A former slave market burned, Confederate statues were toppled, and a statue of a racist police chief was vandalized.
Kl. 11:58, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Across the country, the police response to protests has been swift and, in some cases, violent.
Kl. 23:09, d. 31.05.2020 UTC
The video is some of the most tangible evidence to support the mayor's assertion that unsavory characters were using George Floyd’s death to stoke unrest in the city.
Kl. 19:34, d. 31.05.2020 UTC
Rikers has one of the highest rates of coronavirus infections in the city.
Kl. 14:25, d. 31.05.2020 UTC
“It’s inappropriate for protesters to surround a police vehicle and threaten police officers. That’s wrong on its face.”
Kl. 15:18, d. 30.05.2020 UTC
“Let’s keep this at even-kill level. Then when we come in, we will have a better conversation [about] where we are going to go regarding our relationship.”
Kl. 13:37, d. 30.05.2020 UTC
Tensions erupted as people threw bottles, set off fireworks, vandalized police vehicles — and even set a van on fire — while the NYPD used mace and attacked demonstrators with clubs.
Kl. 13:19, d. 30.05.2020 UTC
What if tenants got together and bought their property back? That’s what happened at this trailer park in Texas.
Kl. 12:36, d. 30.05.2020 UTC
This case is the biggest abortion test of the Trump-era court.
Kl. 12:24, d. 30.05.2020 UTC
Demonstrations against police brutality took place in more than 20 cities across the U.S. with most erupting into violence on Friday night, as tens of thousands of protesters clashed with riot police, state troopers, and the National Guard.

Kl. 14:02, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
The death of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of police has sparked civil unrest across the US.
Kl. 11:19, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Authorities say the decision was taken due to public health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Kl. 14:40, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Liverpool players displayed a message of support by taking a knee around the centre circle at Anfield after the death in police custody of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Kl. 10:23, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Hundreds attend the funeral of Iyad Halaq, who was shot dead while walking in Jerusalem's Old City.
Kl. 23:52, d. 31.05.2020 UTC
The Bulgarian-born artist, known for his monumental projects, dies at his home in New York.
Kl. 14:27, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Parks and shopping centres reopen and people are allowed out for walks, as cases continue to rise.
Kl. 23:40, d. 31.05.2020 UTC
The discovery of a new breeding pair raises hope for the future of a critically endangered gibbon.
Kl. 12:34, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
People were banned from buying it as part of efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus.
Kl. 07:54, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Indian railways begins operating 200 trains amid reports of chaos after weeks of lockdown.
Kl. 10:52, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
More than a thousand families had to leave their homes as the storm caused heavy flooding.

Kl. 14:32, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Almost 3,000 new infections reported in worst-hit country in the Middle East, as it warns of 'another dangerous peak'.
Kl. 14:25, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Internet giant Amazon and supermarket chain owner Kroger among those criticised for praising their staff as 'heroes' for working during the coronavirus pandemic.
Kl. 14:25, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
On Monday, several countries relaxed their lockdowns - with some allowing health clubs and zoos to reopen, while others are letting people go to work for the first time in months.
Kl. 13:39, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
A battle rapper, activist and state representative fights to pass a critical bill for his Missouri community.
Kl. 13:09, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Sirous Asgari was accused of stealing trade secrets in the United States but was acquitted last November.
Kl. 12:39, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Major US cities put under curfew and national guards deployed as protests against killing of Black man intensifies.
Kl. 12:35, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Entire Washington, DC National Guard has been called in response to protests outside White House and other areas in DC.
Kl. 12:15, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
Coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki says the drones were directed at civilian targets in Saudi's Khamis Mushait city.
Kl. 11:55, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
About 75 percent of UN programmes in war-torn Yemen have ended or been reduced as funds dry up.
Kl. 11:39, d. 01.06.2020 UTC
The legislation initiated by Pope Francis brings the Holy See in line with international anti-corruption standards.

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