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Kl. 03:34, d. 23.10.2020 UTC
It might not save him.
Kl. 17:25, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
Hotly-contested states like Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Oregon are also hotbeds of self-styled militia activity.
Kl. 17:05, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
"We are just informing our tenants what WE will do according to the election results,” the letter says.
Kl. 16:50, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
A new report from the top leaders of the anti-abortion movement provides a snapshot of their recent victories.
Kl. 16:18, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
"The Trump Administration has shown hostility to much of the critical guidance and recommendations put forth by its own health agencies."
Kl. 16:00, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
A judge dropped the charge because the former officer, Derek Chauvin, did not put others in danger when he allegedly took the life of the 46-year-old Black man.
Kl. 15:53, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
Donald Trump wants to be seen as more manly, and thus more appealing to working-class white men in swing states like Pennsylvania, than a clean energy-supporting Joe Biden, say gender experts.
Kl. 14:15, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
The campaign denies hiring the men, but the president has urged his supporters "to go into the polls and watch very carefully."
Kl. 13:45, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
The Senate Judiciary Committee held the vote without any Democratic members present.
Kl. 13:14, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
Facebook’s own employees are being urged to blow the whistle on their employer to help save the integrity of the presidential election.

Kl. 06:40, d. 23.10.2020 UTC
The bitter rivals' final TV debate was more restrained this time but there were plenty of personal jabs.
Kl. 00:01, d. 23.10.2020 UTC
The drug will be given to patients in hospitals, but the UN health agency says it has little effect.
Kl. 07:03, d. 23.10.2020 UTC
Pepper spray is used against crowds in Warsaw after Thursday's controversial court ruling.
Kl. 05:13, d. 23.10.2020 UTC
There is no known link between the seasonal dust clouds and Covid-19 but Pyongyang is on high alert.
Kl. 19:09, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
Fury over the shooting of protesters in Lagos has spiralled into chaos, with jailbreaks reported.
Kl. 23:11, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
Hadija’s mum, dad and older sister were killed in the Azerbaijaini town of Ganja.
Kl. 05:02, d. 23.10.2020 UTC
Officials say the country's vaccination drive continues and that several recent deaths are unrelated.
Kl. 01:00, d. 23.10.2020 UTC
The arrests took place across the country and 16 children were "removed from harm", police say.
Kl. 21:37, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
Transcripts of testimony by Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend in 2016 are made public.
Kl. 18:32, d. 22.10.2020 UTC
The number given by the Russian president is far higher than the death toll given by the two sides.

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