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Kl. 13:30, d. 18.06.2018
'Kulturmagasinet Gejst' på DR1 får Maria Månson som vært efter sommerferien.
Kl. 13:25, d. 18.06.2018
Fødevarestyrelsen er i gang med at analysere fødevarer fra sammenkomst i Sønderborg.
Kl. 13:08, d. 18.06.2018
Det forekommer yderst sjældent, at danskere bliver smittet med farlig pølseforgiftning.
Kl. 12:55, d. 18.06.2018
Sara Bro, Tue Blædel og Tony Scott stopper som værter på radioens 'Go’ morgen P3'.
Kl. 12:30, d. 18.06.2018
'Man bruger det der er ved hånden', siger ekspert om drab med kunstig arm, askebæger og tyrefægterspyd
Kl. 12:01, d. 18.06.2018
Det var ”kulturel støj” og ikke jordskælv, som to jordskælvsmålere registrerede i Mexico City under en VM-kamp.
Kl. 12:00, d. 18.06.2018
Ole Dahl fra Kolding lider af multipel sclerose, men kan ikke få udskrevet medicinsk cannabis.
Kl. 11:50, d. 18.06.2018
På blot seks uger er knap 2.000 børn blevet skilt fra deres forældre på grænsen mellem Mexico og USA.
Kl. 11:38, d. 18.06.2018
Danske sygehuse oplever ikke "produktivitetsmæssige udfordringer", når medarbejdere faster under ramadanen.
Kl. 11:25, d. 18.06.2018
Over 12 millioner har set første afsnit af 'Skam Austin' på Facebook. Nu er seertallet nede på omkring en million.

Kl. 14:36, d. 16.06.2018 UTC
“We don't want to be stuck in the middle of a war again.”
Kl. 12:41, d. 16.06.2018 UTC
Apple regularly touts itself as the company that doesn’t want to collect your personal data. And that's a liability when it comes to making Siri better.
Kl. 20:40, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
Texas' new iWatch app will share information with the Department of Homeland Security's anti-terror "fusion centers."
Kl. 20:38, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
Attorney General Jeff Sessions' "zero tolerance" policy is splitting up families.
Kl. 18:56, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
Inside the world of clandestine chemists and the DIY bio-hackers trying to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry.
Kl. 18:15, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
Running a foreign influence campaign isn't against the law. Not registering as a foreign agent is.
Kl. 17:45, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
The Kentucky senator's neighbor found the pile “unsightly”
Kl. 15:58, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
Manafort's bail was revoked after he allegedly tampered with witnesses while he was under house arrest.
Kl. 15:45, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
Opponents of abortion argue for laws to ensure women can get emergency help, if they need it, after abortions. But critics of such restrictions contend they’re meant to shutter clinics
Kl. 15:42, d. 15.06.2018 UTC
"You know why? Because I don’t want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family," Trump said when asked why he was defending Kim Jong Un.

Kl. 11:32, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Former Republican First Lady Laura Bush condemns Trump's policy as his wife also expresses concern.
Kl. 10:27, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
There was a danger that Rupert Stadler could seek to suppress evidence, prosecutors say.
Kl. 16:17, d. 17.06.2018 UTC
South Korea's coach says he made his players wear different numbered shirts in recent friendlies to confuse opponents who he says cannot tell them apart.
Kl. 10:13, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
How a row with a coalition partner has left the German chancellor fighting for her political life.
Kl. 10:25, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
The emperor's hat is said to have been salvaged from the battlefield in 1815 by a Dutch baron.
Kl. 09:11, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Eurydice Dixon's alleged rape and murder has prompted an outpouring of grief in Australia.
Kl. 08:25, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
The girl was killed by a falling wall when Osaka was hit by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake.
Kl. 06:11, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
A long-awaited inquest into the Australian theme park tragedy hears of previous malfunctions.
Kl. 04:08, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Iván Duque wins after promising to rewrite a controversial peace deal with Farc rebels.
Kl. 11:27, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Police arrest a suspect after a vehicle hit four people at the end of the Pinkpop music festival

Kl. 11:02, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Palestinians have been protesting Israeli occupation along the border by sending burning kites to the Israeli side.
Kl. 10:33, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Hundreds protest against policy of separating children from those caught crossing the US-Mexico border.
Kl. 09:59, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
UN human rights chief says Hudaida push could result in 'enormous civilian casualties', have 'disastrous impact' on aid.
Kl. 09:16, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
The economy will be a decisive factor as Turkish voters head to parliamentary and presidential polls on June 24.
Kl. 09:10, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
The 41-year-old protege of former President Uribe has promised to make changes to the 2016 peace deal with the FARC.
Kl. 09:01, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
While arriving in Volgograd for their team's opening match with Tunisia, they were warmly greeted by local residents despite many previous clashes between Russian and English football fans.
Kl. 08:11, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Haftar's forces in bid to regain control of Ras Lanuf and Al-Sidra oil terminals in Libya's northeastern oil crescent.
Kl. 07:56, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Head of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, has denied reports that federal authorities have been separating immigrant children from their parents seeking asylum when apprehended at the border.
Kl. 07:27, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Fears of mass displacement grow as air raids by Saudi and Emirati-led coalition jets around Houthi-held city intensify.
Kl. 07:11, d. 18.06.2018 UTC
Right-wing candidate, 41, has pledged to roll back parts of the landmark 2016 peace accord with the FARC group.

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